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Review: Voltron: From the Ashes #1

VoltronAshes01-Cov-A-MilneSaturday morning cartoons in 1980s were the first time I was introduced to anime, before I knew what anime was. I remember watching shows like Speed Racer and Robotech, noticing then just how cool everything looked and how different it looked from the other cartoons. Then I watched Voltron, and saw a cartoon that was different, from the others, as it had a princess, it had robots, it had friends who had to work as a team and most of all, and they were saving the universe. This cartoon, was definitely one of the few cartoons, that years after watching it, I can still remember certain episodes beat for beat.

The only cartoon, that came close was Silverhawks and Bionic Six, but neither of them had the pinned down the dynamics of true friendship and teamwork quite like Voltron. The show only lasted two seasons, but there were several attempts to bring it back, always to mediocre results. Since then, the franchise has seen new life in comics first being at Devil’s Due Entertainment and now being at Dynamite Entertainment. This new series, Voltron: From the Ashes, picks up 200 years later, introducing the world to a new generation of pilots.

In the first few pages, the first few words, sounds just like what the voiceover in the cartoon would have said, bringing me back to my grandmother’s living room, in front of the TV, watching my favorite cartoon with my cousins. The reader is introduced to, Haggar, known as the “Mother of Monsters”, a vampire looking alien, who has some seriously dangerous powers and dreams of a fight between Voltron’s original crew and some Kaiju to include RoBeasts. We are also introduced to the new team which Jayce, Nikl,Vega,Rel, and Kirin, a totally different team, than the original crew, but with similar personalities, all cadets at the Voltron Academy, who feel that there isn’t a need for Voltron. In the last few pages, Haggar awakens, to find out that she has been taken in by a crew of Ra’Hraaag, but I have a funny feeling that is, they are the ones who have been captured by her.

This miniseries reminds me so much of Robotech’s Third War, where we are introduced to soldiers, who knew of Rick Hunter, but are forging their own path and fighting their own war against the Invid. The story By Cullen Bunn provides a superior starting off point for anyone not familiar with series at all. The art by Blacky Shepherd provides a fine emulation of the animation, that long loved fans, have loved about the original series. In ending, old and new fans will love this series, as it is truly the next generation of Voltron pilots.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Blacky Shepherd
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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