Wait… Haven’t We Heard That Before?

cb2“You have been the victims of a passively tolerant society! A society where, if you obeyed the law, you were left alone!”

That quotation, taken from the fourth page of Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders comic published by Marvel on the 19th of August, appeared somewhere else before is graced the pages of the Marvel comic.

What other source could have supplied the somewhat oppressive words that were uttered to a group of captive enemy soldiers over a loud speaker?

Why, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron, during an address to the national security council back in May. Now, obviously, that quote has been shortened and altered a little (however you can find the original here), but the words have been taken from, and can be attributed too, the British Prime Minister.

Upon reading the original quote, you may find that there is a different context to his words, and whether you agree with that or not is entirely up to you. This post isn’t written as a comment on David Cameron’s policies, but rather to point out the somewhat amusing nature of a comic book using the words of the British Prime Minister when talking to newly arrested enemy combatants.

A scan is posted below.

dc02Source: Conrad Bower, pointed out the original story found at the Independent.