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Review: Oz – Reign of the Witch Queen #4

oz001For the most part Grimm Fairy Tales has stayed pretty close to the source material when it has come to interpreting classic works of literature.  There are often times some switches, such as making Pan into the villain, making Mowgli into a girl or turning Wonderland into a world of nightmares, but they mostly still contain the same characteristics of the world that was created by the writers of the classical fiction.  When it comes to Oz though, the script gets changed somewhat.  As the story of Oz is somewhat limited to only Dorothy’s journey along the yellow brick road, it could be said that there is a lot more which could be explored, but also in so doing, a lot more which could take it away from the original story.  Such has been the case with Grimm Fairy Tales’ take on Oz.  It has been related to the Baum’s work, but has deviated from it somewhat, changing Dorothy from simple farmgirl to sorceress in waiting, and changing the majority of the other characters from whimsical companions to scheming agents of their own prosperity.

Such is the setting for the final series of the trilogy of Oz which has gone way off the script, while also going somewhat away from the whimsy of the setting.  Both the Warlord and Dorothy’s forces have decided that they have the advantage and have attacked one another.  Although seemingly outmatched Dorothy also seems oddly at ease with the mismatch as she thinks that she has her own advantage.  This plays out through a few different locales between both Dorothy and the evil witch, although more of the action focuses on Dorothy and the Warlord.

While this might not really feel like Oz, it equally does not mean that it is very bad either.  Going off the script is fine if the creative team has a grasp on where it is going, and although this is not really a natural progression of Baum’s story, it still makes enough sense from a story telling standpoint.  The second series in for Grimm Fairy Tales’ Oz was a lot more off the mark than this series, and while the denizens of Oz have never looked like this or acted like this, it is still an interesting enough tale with a couple of twists to keep things interesting.

Story: Jeff and Kristin Massey  Art: Antonio Bifulco
Story: 7.6  Art: 7.6 Overall: 7.6 Recommendation: Read


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