Review: Freaks & Gods #1

FREAKS AND GODSReleased in June 2015, Freaks and Gods is an innovative fusion of adventure, horror and science-fiction that delves straight into action. First God-Atun, Steve/Steph Alexander and Barghest unwillingly find themselves in a laboratory deep inside a cavern just after they have just been plummeted once more out of a portal, known to them as The Dark Tunnel, that places them in various realms. We follow the three very different characters from three separate time lines embark on their journey as they fight against the King of the Living Dead and his evil plan to transform the entire planet into his mindless slaves.

Writer, Chris Dreier, perfectly focuses on setting the scene when necessary.  He lightly narrates and highlights key words readers should pay attention to in order to gain a good understanding of the first issue of Freaks and Gods whilst giving us action and a solid plot at the same time.  The panels flow smoothly, support the story and readers are lead in the right direction.  So, storytelling wise it’s easy to keep up with. However sometimes there isn’t a lot left to the imagination in terms of trying to work things out for one’s own self.

The characters are more than original and more importantly represent freaks/gods themselves, each with a distinct story as to how they came to be how they are.  The characters themselves are just as entertaining as the storyline since they all have their own story to tell.  Chris Dreier is also the artist (ink and colour) along with Giuseppe D’elia (pencil), who have executed the art of Freaks and Gods very well and the art underlines how the characters are each extraordinary in their own way.

All in all Freaks and Gods is a fast paced comic answering many questions to the mysteries behind the characters whilst presenting more along with a steady plot.

Story: Chris Dreier Art: Chris Dreier and Guiseppe D’elia
Story: 7.75 Art 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation:Buy

Afterburn provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.