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Review: Silk #6

silk006It is interesting to look across the wide swath of Secret Wars and to discover what has fit into the concept and what not.  While the creative minds behind the massive Crossover have given readers numerous versions of The Hulk, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-Men, they have mostly left some other properties untouched.  Two of these are Miss Marvel and Silk, but when examined there is a common enough theme there to show that there might be some incompatibility.  Although DC gets the credit for the recent wave of girl-friendly books with the relaunch of Batgirl, the move really got underway a year before at Marvel with the new Ms. Marvel.  The wave of new female character unleashed by both DC and Marvel was impressive though and included Silk among their numbers, a new kind of Spider-Girl.

While Ms. Marvel has been dragged into the Secret Wars world a little bit, she has also been mostly left alone, just dealing with the evacuation of her city while dealing with her continuing ongoing problems.  The presentation of Silk has been different again, first of all that her monthly has come out sporadically since the release of the big crossover and secondly as it allows the series to mostly continue its story without any interference.  The story focuses on the continuing search for her family, while others are seeking her out for her connection to Spider-Man and spider related powers.  Although this has focused somewhat on Spider-Man and Black Cat, the emphasis has been on Silk, and her story continues here in the same manner, with some intervention from those other two, but allowing her own story to be told through her own actions.

It could be that the story telling which has revitalized and reshaped the presentation of female characters simply does not mesh with the kind of grand storytelling that is Secret Wars.  As this new wave has helped reshape the medium of comics, especially at the Big Two publishers, it is maybe evident that the massive crossovers are not the way forward for the future but rather a focus on characters over concepts.  Whatever the case, that approach has worked in this series and continues to work here, as one of the standout series from Marvel in the past year, and one which will hopefully be back at full strength following the end of Secret Wars.

Story: Robbie Thompson Art: Adam Stacey Lee 
Story: 8.9 Art: 8.9  Overall: 8.9  Recommendation: Buy

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