Indy Spotlight: The Showdown Vol. 1

The Showdown Vol 1Welcome back everyone to another Graphic Policy Indy spotlight review! This week Brett gave me another fantastic comic for you guys to know about. Its called The Showdown Vol. 1 and it was created by Russ Lippitt and Tony Guaraldi-Brown. Looking at this cover alone had brought me back to my youth of great horror movies I would watch on late night HBO during October or listening to The Misfits for the first time. This book was the perfect match made in hell! I really do wish this book was given to me in October, it would’ve been a great Halloween article. But none the less, I surely enjoyed the crap out of this book.

As a horror fan, there aren’t really that many comics out there that hit the coffin nail that often. I enjoyed 30 days of night was great, but, hated The Dracula stuff that came out after. Or when Walking Dead came out and blew everyone away, so everyone thought they could write a “good zombie” comic? Believe me when I say, here is that new horror story. Something that looked deep into our enriched dark past and pulled something out of the closet so awesome, its hard not to check it out. Let alone talk about it.

When Russ wrote this books script, I can only imagine the demons he must have beaten with a baseball bat to ensure this book came out just right. I mean any time a writer creates a world with so many characters that have so many influences, the story can be sacrificed to the boring origin story god that is currently killing The Fantastic Four movies (plus a million other things). But Russ has this really cool chaotic plan. Its like twisted metal, leaped into the great horror era of the 1950’s B cult films with a 1970’s punk embraced attitude while toping it off with a nod to the great spaghetti westerns! And Holy Cheese on a shmacker, is it awesome! It defiantly follows the tropes of American Goth for sure the way it speaks and passes the story through the panels. My favorite “gang” or “racing crew”, would be The Mischiefs followed by the The Dead Belles! Who will win? Don’t know yet, but I cant wait to find out!

As for the art, like I said this book was the perfect match in hell! Tony knows how to make this story roll dude, pun intended! The cars look amazing. The cars are cool nightmarish and sexy. This book thanks to him like the cast of Grease went to hell and thanked the devil for the trip. Each character has their own signature look as they pay homage to the great monsters of old without getting tiresome or boring. The other thing too, he makes the art look like the old drive in movie posters you’d see from back in the day and it really pays off for this book. Defiantly check this book out if you’re a horror fan.

The only bad things I can say for this book however, is that its a horror book inside a story about racing. And if you’re not a fan of either one of these things, you might not like this book . The other is, sometimes the color didn’t flow like the rest of the pages. Some were waaaaay, too dark to the point it was hard to make out the image. While others were just perfect.

For sure, please check out the comic here and if you agree with my assessment please support these guys by buying it. Thanks again and I hope to entertain you guys soon!

Story: Russ Lippitt Art: Tony Guaraldi-Brown
Story: 8 Art: 7 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy!

Broken Icon Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

The digital copy we were sent was just a galley (uncorrected). The difference in colors will be addressed when it goes to print for sure. – The Management