Review: Dark Corridor #1

DarkCorridor01_CoverRich Tommaso’s work has captivated my imagination since he first entered my conscience through Clover Honey. His nuanced compositions and character studies are what set his work apart from most artist/writers. He understands and has a deep appreciate for crime noir, that is distinct from his peers, and what movies like Inherent Vice fail to do, but Tommaso , excels at every time. Within Dark Corridor, he aims to do the same, but within the anthology format.

Within the first story arc, entitled “The Red Circle”, a man encounters a dog covered in blood, which leads him onto a path of discovery. It takes him into the seediest parts of his town and even shadier characters. Eventually, the dog leads him to dead bodies who seem to be his owners, who are found murdered. This story actually has an interesting twist, which really does not connect until the end.

The second and final arc of this issue is entitled “Seven Deadly Daughters”, which opens with a man in the ER of a hospital being questioned police detectives. The man recalls, a past sin, for which he pays for in present time, as they say, “Karma is a bitch!” and is shot in the same style he killed that man all those years ago. This story ends in an unsatisfying manner, as it does not go tie into the title and leaves loose ends. It makes me wonder if Tommaso intended this particular story to end as so, so that it may continue in the next or another issue.

Tommaso, at the end of the book, goes through creative processes for both stories, which provides more clarity for the reader. Both story arcs, provides some of the elements of crime noir throughout, the first one more than the second one. The art by Tommaso, reminds of the work done on Tin Tin, which actually a different aesthetic the genre. Overall, it is what crime noir readers have been missing since Sin City, and actually excels whatever preconceived notions one would have.

Story: Rich Tommaso Art: Rich Tommaso
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: BUY NOW

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  • “It makes me wonder if Tommaso intended this particular story to end as so, so that it may continue in the next or another issue.”

    I’m guessing issue #2 or a later one will have one will have some sort of confrontation between the cops from the second story and the jewel thieves from the first.