Review: Mulan Revelations #2

mulan revelations 002The format and mechanics of the superhero genre is one which has one peculiarity which sets it aside from other genres.  The role of the superhero/secret identity is somewhat specific to the genre as the reader and the main character (the hero) know their secret identity, whereas everyone else except for a select few have no idea.  Although it is not common to all superhero books, it is nonetheless common enough that even new heroes still get somewhat of the same treatment.  It can therefore be a little strange to experience a superhero under slightly different conditions, and this was the case with Mulan.

As introduced in the first issue, she is taken from time in the ancient days and put into a dystopian future where corporations call the shots.  Her blood is sought after as it is the cure to a spreading disease of supernatural origin.  Confused by her own abilities, she visits her mentor and uncle, and they are soon surrounded by security forces, eager to please their CEO, himself an otherworldly creature.  Although surrounded it is no concern for the characters as they are set loose on their assailants.  Mulan escapes with the help of another, but will soon be put in a situation where her freedom will not be assured, as her brother is put into a precarious position.

The different approach in this series is to its direct benefit.  Whereas readers are used to reading along with heroes as they hide their secrets, here instead they read along as the hero discovers their power.  The artwork is flashy and even overpowering at times, but it is equally effective as that is the same experience that Mulan is undergoing.  It allows the reader to read along with the character in a way which is uncommon in the medium, as she explores her powers for the first time, but also as she is intimidated by them as she figures out how they work.  While this issue is a bit light on plot developments, those promise to come and quickly, and for the time this standout issue, notable for its approach and its art, serve of an excellent example of what this creative team is capable of.

Story: Marc Andreyko and Robert Alter Art: Micah Kaneshiro
Story: 9.3 Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.3 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review

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