Review: Southern Bastards #10

SouthernBastards10_CoverAJason Aaron and Jason Latour’s series, Southern Bastards, has been nothing but a revelation since its debut last year. The story reads more like what the South is really like, than the caricature that is portrayed on TV and movies. I can say that, as living in Virginia, has given me a first row view on what the South really means, as this was the state, whose capital, was the capital of the Confederacy. The South is filled with these characters, beliefs and settings that recently have been brought to the forefront in the news, due to the tragedy in South Carolina and the subsequent removal of the Confederate flag from the capitol building.

For those readers who have never read this series, it is a story about a small town in Alabama, where after 40 years, Earl Tubb returns home to Craw County to find it corrupted by the local crime boss/football coach, Boss. The story has sprinkles of Walking Tall and Justified throughout, but really is a story all its own. Within the first few arcs, there have been confrontations between Earl and Boss and a few bodies left in the wake. The story so far, is a slow burn of a melodrama; it confronts stereotypes, glorifies and condemns simultaneously all of what the South represents. This new arc, starting with the last issue, is set right before the most important game of the season, and a murder has occurred.

In the first few pages, Esaw Goings has to deal with both of his jobs, as Boss’s enforcer and the assistant football coach, during homecoming week. Coach Big, one of the assistant coaches has died, seemingly by his own hand. Esaw, comes off like Beavis and Butthead in the Rock’s body. The issue’s mostly about his daily tasks, like getting money from the bank, meeting with Boss, buying guns from dealers out of Mobile and coming up with a defensive game plan for the football team, while dragging along a bible thumper who works at the bank. The story is at time hilarious but eventually brutal arc, as there is only one way a character like Esaw will devolve to.

The story by Aaron only continues the excellent work he has done thus far with this marvelous series. Latour, is a *pun insert* ‘tour de force,’ as his illustrations feel right at home. Aaron and Latour were made to write this series and I am so glad that it will soon be a TV show on FX. Overall, a great story arc, and cannot wait for what this series will bring next.

Story: Jason Aaron Art: Jason Latour
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review