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TV Review: The Strain: S2E3 Fort Defiance

the strain s2 imageThe third episode of the second season of The Strain continues to build and touches upon numerous different plot points, bouncing between the present and the past. This episode though suffers a bit for doing so.

This is an episode that shows some of the issues with the show as far as special fx and makeup on some of the characters. Ansel, the rocker from season one, is back, and his makeup just looks horrific at time. It’s weird as things bounce around when it comes to this. It’s not universal, but at times, things just look really off and rather cheep.

Lets go through the various storylines. The Mayor does a press conference that’s a bit shocking. Abraham reveals something that’s rather interesting and answers a question I have had for a while. Vasiliy and Dutch continue their messed up relationship. The Master doesn’t trust Eldritch, and the good vampires make a move. And Ephraim’s son goes all Carl from The Walking Dead. There’s a lot here, and while it might be needed to get things moving for the rest of the season, none of it gets the focus they all need.

None of it is bad, but it all feels rather short. It might have been more interesting to focus on fewer, but it’s hard to say until we see the rest of the season and what’s included.

The thing that’s really interesting is the subtle focus on the relationships between the characters. That’s a priority this year, they’re making an effort to flesh them all out, as opposed to just looking at the spread of the vampire menace.

The season is interesting, especially with the story of either denial or compliance of the New York City government. That to me is the most interesting aspect of the season so far.

Overall, not a strong episode, but it’ll likely be an important one.

Overall rating: 7

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