Review: Doctor Fate #2

Doctor Fate #2 CoverGrowing up, I have been mainly a DC Comics guy, in the everlasting between the Big 2; I have always preferred the humanism and relatability of DC’s characters to what Marvel had to offer, which seemed cartoonish to me. Over the years, my opinion has become less hard-line, as my love has spilled over to some of Marvel’s characters and definitely into the various independent publishers. I still remember the DC Characters that grabbed me, as soon as I stepped into the comic book store, one of them being Doctor Fate. He has been one of the DC’s most iconic characters but has only been brought to the screen, as far as I can remember one time, in Smallville, and his helmet making a cameo in the short-lived Constantine.

I brought up the battle between Marvel and DC, as Doctor Fate has been compared to Doctor Strange, as me and comic book shop owner talked about recently. In my mind, if you were to compare him to anybody in the Marvel Universe, he is a cross between Doctor Strange and Moon Knight. In truth, he is a unique character, which is grossly under showcased by DC. So when I heard that DC was doing a reboot of the character, with a new helmer of the mask, I was skeptical as the company had a so-so reboot of Unknown Soldier, a few years back.

So far, this reboot, is probably my favorite out of all the DCYou reboots, as within the first issue, Paul Levitz, not only gets the setting right (he did Brooklyn so accurate, it truly made me homesick), but he also provides us a relatable hero in the character of Khalid. As he is thrown into the world, to fight the Egyptian God, Anubis, he faces the same fears and confusion, a pedestrian thrown into this world would be, but as most helmers, he fears he is hallucinating everything. Khalid, not only saves a plane from crashing but also his father, which is part of the price he paid. Levitz and Sonny Liew, eventually provides some lightness, which is different in a Doctor Fate book, by showing Khalid’s real life, dealing with not only his father in the hospital but also a girlfriend and med school.

This reboot, is a landmark in Doctor Fate’s history, as most of his storyline up to this reboot, has been mostly serious and marred by questions of sanity regarding the various helmers. This provides a perfect introduction, to the casual comic reader, and I think that is what DC was aiming to do. Levitz and Liew are the perfect team for this reboot, as you can tell they know the character’s history but are not anchored to it so much that they could not create something refreshing, which they have done here. Overall, a solid issue, and so far a captivating series, that I recommend everyone check out.

Story: Paul Levitz and Sonny Liew Art: Sonny Liew
Story: 10 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy