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TV Review: The Strain: S2E2 By Any Means

the strain s2 imageThe second episode of the second season of The Strain continues to build and touches upon numerous different plot points, bouncing between the present and the past.

The past focuses on a young Abraham as he searches for more information about the vampires and at the same time hunting for Nazis. To me, this is one of the more fascinating aspects of the television show, in that the flashbacks shows how intertwined the history of some of the characters is. It’s a very cool aspect, that’s rather entertaining.

In the present so much is going on, it’s almost too much to go over. Ephraim and Nora continue to search for a cure, and debate about the ethics of what they’re doing. Vasiliy and Dutch get closer and go on some vampire hunting. And what I think is some of the most unique and best aspects of the show, Eldritch makes his move for control by using the chaos to provide needed services.

It’s that failure of services and government that I personally enjoy about the show. We actually see the argument happening within the government as to the response and lack there of. We see a private corporation stand in for the government, gain control, and then abuse their position. It’s an aspect we don’t see too often in these types of stories. Being a political nerd, it’s not too much of a shock this is something I’ve focused on. It makes me want to see an entire show focused just on the government response in this sort of situation.

The second episode builds nicely from the first, and continues what so far is a solid second season, much better than the first. The Strain stands out in a summer that’s been rather slow for television.

Overall rating: 8

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