Review: Rotten Roots

Rotten RootsRotten Roots, from Bad Kids Press is a murder mystery comic book that spans centuries. Initially set in the present day, it is billed as a neo-noir crime drama/historical fiction set on Cape Cod, in the fictional Osprey City. Detective Mark Robles is new to the Osprey City Police Department after a recent transfer from Chicago, and is assigned to investigate the death of one of the city’s leading residents, Harold Wood. Over the course of his investigation, he uncovers the journal of a member of the Wood family, which stretches back to the founding of the town in the 1600’s, and tells the story of the town’s first murder.

Written by Paul Axel, the first issue starts of at a steady pace, effectively capturing the beginnings of a murder investigation, and the methodical way in which evidence is gathered (or at least I would assume so, having never been involved in a murder investigation before), which is quite contrary to many television shows. The pacing of the first issue eases you into what promises to be an interesting combination of two stories set hundreds of years apart. Renée Majkut‘s artwork evokes a digital water colour like feel that effectively ties the two time periods together. Although at times it feels that some of the detail from some panels is lacking in others, Majkut‘s page composition is fantastic. There’s an inspired two page sequence toward the end of the comic (pages 22 to 23), that is absolutely fantastic. I won’t describe it, however, as I don’t want to give anything away for the story. Majkut also has some very interesting ways of using perspective throughout the comic.

Rotten Roots is an indie comic that is available here. It will cost you a dollar for the standard digital edition of the comic or two for the deluxe digital version, which is less than the price of a bad cup of coffee. A print version is also available for $6 per copy. And herein lies the crux of the review; it’s very difficult not to recommend this comic when it’s priced how it is, even if it isn’t the best comic I’ve read this month. It’s especially difficult not to recommend this comic if you’re not interested in the script or sketch work included with the deluxe edition; if you’re more than happy to read the standard version, then for $1 there is no real reason not to buy this comic. If the price point remains the same for the remaining five, then you’ll effectively get a six issue collection for $6. The duality of the century spanning tale is certainly intriguing, and with the way that Rotten Roots is shaping up, that’s a tough thing to say no too.

This is a solid first issue, and were you to compare it to other digital comics at upwards of two or three times the price, then perhaps you may overlook it. But with the price of Rotten Roots, it’s absolutely worth spending the time to sit down and read it.

Story: Paul Axel Art: Renée Majkut
Story: 7.25 Art: 6.75 Overall: 7.25 Recommendation: Buy

Bad Kids Press provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy to review.