Review: Starfire #2

Starfire002Starfire’s first issue came in the wake of a recent string of young female characters who have been given a new direction, with characterization to match.  These younger heroines have been depicted in a similar setting but in a somewhat different way, highlighting what it means to be both young and female, while also not losing the appeal of the superhero.  Although not necessarily a young hero in comics, Starfire is often portrayed as such.  She has been a member of the Teen Titans for most of her publication history, and as that group is associated with youthful characters, it might have made sense to include Starfire in this same new wave that is attempting to change the focus and presumably the readership of comics.  The first issue proved otherwise as Starfire alternated between serious hero versus behavior that would typify a dumb blonde.

This second issue picks up where the last left off, specifically as Key West is under threat of Hurricane Betty.  Although it is a relatively minor problem as opposed to the intergalactic threats that Starfire has faced, it did give a chance to put a more personal look on the character.  The same continues here as Starfire has to rescue a sequence of different characters from the storm as she rushed them to safety, first from land and then from water.

While the representation of the character has improved here, it is apparently still a work in progress.   Starfire got to save some strange residents of Key West, and so doing provided some comedic relief, but equally it was so non sequitur that it broke up the sequence of the story.  The writing team seems to be fascinated with Key West, and while there is nothing wrong with that, the series equally cannot be simply a string of strange characters from Key West that they can dream up.  Starfire as a character deserves more.  This issue represents a step in the direction towards what she should be, but there is still some distance to go.

Story: Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner Art: Emanuela Lupachino 
Story: 7.5  Art: 8.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read