Review: We Stand On Guard #1

We Stand on GuardWe Stand On Guard #1  is the start of a new ongoing series published by Image Comics set one hundred years into the future where the United States of America has rather successfully invaded Canada using giant mechanized robots. The Canadian’s haven’t just rolled over and given up, however, and there are still bands of resistance standing on guard (pardon the pun) and doing what they can.
Written by Brian K Vaughn (he of Saga and Y: The Last Man fame), the comic is chock full of references to Canadian culture without stereotyping Canadians or forcing them down your throat because They Are Canadian! Unless I missed it, which would mean it was used brilliantly, there was no “eh” in the comic.

Steve Skroce‘s art work is, as expected, very solid. Without giving too much away, the Canadian landscape he captures is very evocative of those you would be familiar with (if you live in the Great White North, or if you’ve ever googled it). Matt Holingsworth also does a fantastic job in bringing the comic to life.

This was one of the comics I was most looking forward to reading this week, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. We Stand On Guard #1 can be read as a standalone comic, but with the promise shown in this first issue, why stop at just issue #1? I’ll be adding this comic to my pull list in the very near future, which will make it the first non superhero comic in a long time I’ve been so enthusiastic about.

We Stand On Guard #1 is out today, which also happens to be Canada Day, so do yourself a favor and go pick it up at you local comic shop, or download it on ComiXology.

You’ll not regret it.

This review was written by an Englishman in Canada

Writer: Brian K Vaughn  Art: Steve Skroce Colours: Matt Holingsworth
Story: 8.25 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5
Recommendation:  Buy

Image provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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