We Talk About Mary Jane Watson’s Dress with a Couple of Wedding Experts

dress001Marvel recently got inspired by all of the Secret Wars crossovers to release a tie-in with Spider-Man titled “Renew Your Vows” which features a poorer version of the hero as he struggles through married life as a superhero with his wife and daughter. The married life for Peter Parker has been something which has been a factor in the character’s recent history after having his first wedding special in the 1987, which set off a wave of other wedding specials in comics.

The Secret Wars series got a variant cover from J. Scott Campbell, which featured Mary Jane Watson on a presumably alternate universe wedding, in an intricate though maybe too improbable dress. We got together with Jennifer LaVie from Kiss The Bride and Fannie Vavoulis to discuss the dress and comic book weddings.
Graphic Policy: First of all, would you say yes to this dress?

Fannie Vavoulis: YES! If I had a body like that there is no question I would say YES!!

Jennifer LaVie: I’d have to say a big no to this dress.

GP: What are some things that are right about it?

JL: Well, exposed and dramatic backs are really trending and hot right now, so that is definitely something people have their eyes peeled for. The applique detail on the dress straps/sleeves is very nice and in my opinion would appeal to many people.

FV: It shapes her figure really well, very sexy yet still classic in my opinion.

dress002GP: And what did the artist get wrong?

FV: It may be a bit too revealing along the back.

JL: It’s over sexualized and would not appeal to all body types. A “normal” female probably won’t say “that could be me” but likely would be more apt to say “that could never be me”. It takes away from the fantasy when you cannot be a part of it. Plus as a female myself, I have to say it’s almost offensive.

GP: Are there any issues that you can think of that don’t make sense as far as dresses are depicted in art as opposed to the reality? In this case for instance, the dress is supposedly made with spider webs.

JL: I actually like the spider webs, to me that is something that relates to the bride and speaks to her personality, making the dress original and unique to her. The only thing I really can say is that in most cases as I mentioned above things are over sexualized and completely unrealistic to every day people, men and women. Perhaps that is the point of the art, I suppose it would depend.

FV: Well the sleeves in this dress don’t make any sense. I am not sure in reality how they are supposed to stay up around the shoulders. Also – no one could really wear this dress unless you’re Kate Upton. It is so fitting that it would show a LOT of flaws (can you say cottage cheese??) : )

GP: As a real life wedding expert, what are some things that fiction always seems to get wrong about weddings?

FV: I think the most common is the perfection of the day. Most brides will tell you that the day doesn’t always go as planned and hiccups are to be expected. But those minor details are never noticed by the guests – usually just the bride or the person planning it. A lot of things can go wrong – weather issues, time delays, vendors not arriving on time, etc. Stories and comics always depict the day as being perfect – not always the way.

dress003JL: That they are perfect. Nothing is ever perfect. Ever.

GP: It doesn’t happen very often but there are occasionally wedding specials in comics. Do these have any appeal outside of comic book fans?

JL: I think so, if you love weddings you are going to love them in all forms. Cartoons, comics, reality tv etc etc. Weddings appeal to a lot of people!

FV: Wedding specials? Meaning an entire comic book dedicated to a wedding theme?


Many thanks to our two contributors, they took time out of their busy summertime wedding planning schedules to talk with us. Also as an editorial note, it would seem that no one knows about comic book wedding specials other than comic book readers.