LEGO Pledges $1 Billion to Go Green

LEGO_LogoLEGO has announced that they are investing $1 billion over the next 15 years to be better stewards when it comes to the environment. This initiative includes not just the packaging, but also the plastic building blocks themselves. Last year the company made 60 billion LEGO pieces, that’s a lot of plastic.

The company has already done some work, they’ve reduced the size of its packages and also invested in wind power. The next hurdle is developing a replacement for its the plastic that the bricks are made out of. The company is also thinking about the end life of the product. What happens when individuals are done playing with them and choose to discard the bricks?

In 2013 the company started a partnership with the World Wildlife Federation to develop a plan to make its materials more sustainable. Last year they ended a 50-year relationship with Shell after heavy lobbying due to Shell’s drilling in the Arctic.

The company will hire more than 100 employees in Denmark for this project and they expect it to be finished by 2016.

(via CNN)

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