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Review: Superman #41

superman041So far since the end of DC’s Convergence company wide crossover, a different direction has been taken for Superman.  As told through the loosely connected Truth story line, Superman has been depowered to a relative degree and seemingly repurposed as something closer a street level character.  The implementation of this new direction has been a bit clunky across various titles as it has affected Action Comics, Superman/Batman and Superman/Wonder Woman.  As this story line returns to the titular series for the hero, it goes back a bit to explain just what has happened to the hero to turn him from super-everything to more like an enhanced street fighter.

This issue starts off with the new Superman, presumably to remind us that he is in fact depowered, but then quickly flashes us back to the time before (though to be fair almost right before.)  Clark and Jimmy are on a story, trying to figure out what is going on with a suspected arms deal, and Superman is forced to intervene after the arms deal goes bad.  More troubling, there is someone behind the scenes that is playing the two of them, including the fact that they have figured out that Clark and Superman are one and the same.  In pursuing this story, Superman almost inadvertently exposes his secret to Lois as well as he is forced into saving a hostage.

The Truth story line has been a bit disappointing thus far, as it has attempted to take a different look at the hero, and mostly has come up a bit short.  This carries on here, but inexplicably this is not so much of a look at the new hero, but rather gives us what is basically the old Superman back, save for a few panels mixed in with the newer version.  As opposed to the story line which can’t seem to find a good direction in which to take the character, this newest installment instead can’t decide whether to give fans the new version or the old version.  There are likely still fans clamoring for answers as to what exactly happened to Superman to get him where he presently is, but aside from those readers, this issue comes off as a bit too ordinary.

Story: Gene Luen Yang Art: John RomitaJr.
Story: 6.7 Art: 6.7 Overall: 6.7 Recommendation: Pass

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  • Completely disagree, this was an awesome installment. How Superman got to the current status quo and why Lois revealed his secret identity is being told in a non-linear fashion consequently allowing the mystery and excitement to build up. Awesome comic that finally hints at why Lois had to reveal the truth rather than allow Clark to be blackmailed. I agree about 6.7 for the art though.

    • Thanks for your comment! This is just my own opinion, but I also come at it from less of a Superman fan. For someone that considers themselves such, there is probably more to come to in this issue, but from a strict story telling standpoint, it doesn’t hold up as well.

      • I agree with you, this issues has big problems with superman characterization and problems that come from the crossover like other books already on the future and this book isn’t there yet.
        It’s funny that many people don’t see the mistakes made on this issue, they are pretty spot-on