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Review: Ant-Man Larger Than Life

antmanIn the midst of the Secret Wars crossover which is pretty much everywhere at Marvel these days, it should be remembered that not every series is part of the crossover, and also that Marvel still has an interest in its other properties.  In this case that would relate to the cinematic universe, as the second and less anticipated Marvel movie to hit the theaters this year is about to be released.  It should be said that all along that Avengers was going to steal the spotlight.  Its trailers were dissected and analyzed as soon as they came out, but when the Ant-Man trailer was finally released, many thought it to be somewhat of a disappointment, not providing enough of a grip for fans to want to go to theaters.  That being said there is still some need to get some interest in the film, and issues such as this one might be the way to do so.

Instead of focusing on the movie’s Scott Lang, this special focuses on the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym.  Perhaps to cut short the origin story from the consciousness of fans, this special introduces Pym as what he is, a superhero that can shrink to miniature sizes.  It shows him honing his ability to communicate with ants and the unfortunate sequence of events which befalls him as he has to go down to their level to speak with them.  The remainder of this issue is comprised of a reprinting of Tales of Astonish #27 and #35 as part of the hero’s origin, the first appearance of Pym and the costume respectively.

While this might be a bit below most people’s radar, it is also probably worth a look.  While Avengers was also destined to be bigger, Ant-Man might be destined to be better as it takes a more character-centric approach.  That is evident here as this is much more about the character than it is about the big spectacle, but it still manages to tell an interesting story.  Those interested in a little bit of comic history will like the backup features as well as we get introduced to Pym for the first time all over again.  This issue is worth a look, especially for those that want to get refreshed on Ant-Man before the movie comes out, and proves that good things sometimes come from taking the smaller approach.

Story: Will Corona Pilgrim Art: Andrea de Vito
Story: 8.3 Art: 8.3 Overall: 8.3 Recommendation: Read

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