Review: Scarlett Couture #3

scarlett003The espionage genre is one which is ridden with cliches, perhaps more so than any other genre.  Even the best plots basically deal with any given superspy taking on any given secret mission with a low survival rate and ending up in any given foreign locale which probably as dangerous as it is made out to be.  There have been some good attempts to break down the cliches in this genre, such as with Bourne, Taken or even Mission Impossible, but a few commonalities always seem to remain.  Such is the case also with Scarlett Couture, which sets itself the goal of providing a fresh take on the espionage genre, but doing so by essentially mixing James Bond with Victoria’s Secrets.

The previous two issues helped to establish the hero of the series as a dangerous player in the espionage world, a world hidden from the eyes of regular people.  Acting as the head of security for a fashion house, she is allowed access to places that would normally be off bounds for a regular person.  With a member of her team captured, it is now up to her to break into a secure location to retrieve information on the location of her teammate.  This leads her to an underwater discovery in a different location, and again into some dangerous waters as she is pursued and attacked.

This series has thus far been one of moderate successes and even more missed opportunities.  Although it is inherently trying to break down the spy genre cliches by making a Bond Girl into the action hero, just as often it seems to play into the same cliches for its major plot points.  Such was the case again in this issue after relying on the same mostly in issue #1 and breaking free from it a bit in issue #2.  Here the scenarios are almost mockups of what one can find in most James Bond films, and while Scarlett works as a character in most cases, she is also let down by the lack of originality in the script aside from her own inspiration.  This ends up being a relatively average spy story, and although fun at times, it has all been seen before.

Story and Art: Des Taylor
Story: 7.1 Art: 7.1  Overall: 7.1 Recommendation: Pass

Titan Comics provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.

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