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Review: Wonder Woman #41

ww041Convergence was a strange crossover for DC Comics.  While the story was perhaps passable, it didn’t really do much for most of the characters, and instead drove a wedge into the ongoing story lines of most characters.  While in most cases this hurt the flow of the stories or at least any momentum that they had, in the case or Wonder Woman, it might have been an unexpected gift.  Although no one had intended it as such, Convergence was supposed to be big as was the new creative team on Wonder Woman, it gave the Finch’s a change to reboot a little bit.  After all their first story arc for Wonder Woman started off strongly enough but devolved in a rapid enough fashion into a bit of a mess as the team seemingly tried to tackle too much of the character’s multi faceted life instead of just focusing on one aspect at a time.

While there seems to be a bit of the same approach here, it is also a bit more subdued.  The focus is still on Diana as queen of the Amazons, superhero and goddess of war, but there also seems to be a bit better focus.  Diana must deal with Donna Troy after the events from the Wonder Woman Annual (which closed off the first story arc), but she is more so engaged as a hero.  She is drawn to a loner who is planning to bomb a bridge unless he can talk with Wonder Woman.  Although others are concerned that she might be flooded with such threats if she responds, she acts as she would be expected to and approaches the loner to deal with him personally.  Things weren’t exactly as they seemed though and it turns out that this loner was much more interested in the heroine than the plot and for reasons which are a bit more menacing than might seem at first.

Hopefully this turn of events for Wonder Woman is proof that the creative team has calmed down a bit from the first story arc.  Instead of throwing what seemed like anything and everything into the story, the outlook here is a bit more subdued here, while moving forward what seems like an engaging story at a pace which makes sense.  The costume change for Diana might get the spotlight here (although it was handled well in story) but really this is a chance for a quick change of direction for the creative team and it seems to be well worth it here as there is positive momentum in this series again.

Story: Meredith Finch Art: David Finch
Story: 8.1 Art: 8.1 Overall: 8.1 Recommendation: Read

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