Nintendo E3 Digital Event – Live Reaction

Like the graphic update? Thank Nintendo for providing a banner that I borrowed. Today, E3 actually starts. Nintendo is going to kick things off with a digital press event. I will give you updates here.

This page will not automatically refresh. I will put the latest update at the top of the list, so if you join us late, scroll down. Here is the full E3 coverage schedule, so stick with us.

Update 14: You can check out Super Mario Maker in select Best Buys this week. Details at Fan videos of the mario theme and stuff. More dancing puppets. The end. Time for Square-Enix.

Update 13: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash for Wii U is coming out this holiday. It is Mario Tennis. It will be fun. Now on to more on Super Mario Maker. There is a cool look into the history of how Mario levels were designed in the past and comparing it to the freedom of the new maker. There will be an 8-bit Mario amiibo that will make him big. There will be amiibo support- again costumes. Mario will appear as the amiibo character.

Update 12: Level 5’s new 3DS game Yo-kai Watch which has been out in Japan and has the potential to be a monster success here. You capture spirits and use them to battle others, like Pokemon. Now for a new Paper Mario for the 3DS except is Paper Mario and regular Mario…Mario and Luigi Paper Jam. Cool.

Update 11: Yoshi’s Wooly World time. This game looks so nice. We’re talking about the yarn yoshi amiibos. The difficulty is set by the player in that to make the game harder you can try and collect everything in the level. It does feature 2-player co-op. Amiibo support seems to be limited to costume changes. Releases October 16th.

Update 10: Wii U 3rd person RPG. Xenoblade Chronicles? It has the look and feel of that, yup. Release date of December 4, 2015. Awesome. Sign me up. Now for some Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. A new AC title for 3DS. It looks like AC. Build stuff, collect stuff to put in the stuff you built, help with chores and decorating. Also an Animal Crossing board game on Wii U. It uses amiibos. Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival coming this holiday season. You know, because the amiibo releases have been so good so far.

Update 9: Now a very Japanese Atlus title that appears to be an odd J-Pop JRPG that is 1 part Sailor Moon one part JRPG, and all a little crazy. It is called FE and is set for release in 2016. *EDIT* Apparently it is a Fire Emblem Shin Megami Tensei crossover game.

Update 8: Another 3DS title: Metroid Prime: Federation Troopers this is a 3 player co-op game that includes Blastball which we saw at the world championships. That was a quick look. Now a video for Fire Emblem Fates. It looks gorgeous and for Wii U. 2016.

Update 7: 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors. It will include all DLC characters from Wii U version with additional characters and levels from Wind Waker. It is called Hyrules Warriors Legends. I don’t know how the 3DS is going to handle the draw issues for this game. There are generally a ton of characters on the screen that stress processing power. Maybe the new 3DS processor is more powerful than I thought. Release Q1 2016.

Update 6: The puppets are back to transition (with dancing) to The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes, a 3DS title that appears to be a new iteration on the Four Swords concept (though it appears to be 3 now). There are different outfits with different abilities. Coming this fall. Communication appears to be done through a series of cartoons. So this is a co-op multiplayer game with real dungeons. It is built of the Link Between Worlds tech. There is a totem mechanic in which the 0players can stack to reach higher places. There is single player mode in which you can switch between your Link and two “doll-like characters.”

Update 5: Skylanders Superchargers is coming later this year. It is the new installment in the series. Cool, there will be a Bowser and a DK figure and vehicles that will work in the Skylanders game but will also work as amiibo. Activision with another interesting third-party special relationship.

Update 4: Regie Fils-Aime is up next talking about Nintendo’s theme this E3 is “transformation.” The Nintendo NX (the cross device platform) will be talked about more next year. 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Maker will be out later this year. More new amiibo and game interactions coming soon.

Update 3: Miyamoto is talking about his various inspirations. The gyro of the gamepad can be used to control. Ah, not co-op. The screen shows a wider perspective, and the gamepad has cockpit view. The R-wing can transform into a walker. There is also a tank-like and helicopter-like vehicle. It is called zero because it is not a true sequel, nor a remake.

Update 2: Puppet Miyamoto, too! Now they are turning into Star Fox and friends! Cool! Do a barrel roll! World Premier of Star Fox Zero for Wii U. It looks like the Wii U gamepad will allow for co-op play.

Update 1: We start with muppet-like puppet Iawata and Fils-Aime getting ready. This is awesome.