Review: Questionable Content web-comic

logo14Jeph Jacques launched Questionable Content (QC) in August of 2003 as a twice-weekly web-comic to three times a week until September 2004 when Jacques decided to quit his day job and focus solely on creating comics five days a week.

QC begins as a story about Martin Reed, a twenty-something single guy living with his personal AI robot named Pintsize. Pintsize is an jerk.

Soon though, Martin meets Faye – bad-ass hipster-chick – who quickly becomes Martin’s sass-talkin’ room-mate. The art evolves as quickly as the story-line so the reader is treated to witnessing the evolution of Jacques’ style and character design.

The story is set in a mostly-present day society, but in a parallel universe where the robotics industry has made HUGE leaps ahead of what we have. But with all the same indie-bands as this universe, who are referenced frequently.

The characters face a wide array of social challenges that they help each other through, and the comic features a long list of main characters as well as characters who drop in and out, either never to be seen again or who re-emerge in later arcs.

There’s something for everybody in this comic, from the gothic coffee-shop owner Dora, the lesbian librarian Tai, the OCD insomniac Hannelore and just too many others to list.

Story & Art: Jeph Jaqcques
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Read it NOW