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Review: Blood Queen vs. Dracula #4

bqvd004Although full of potential, this series has mostly been a non-starter to this point.  It features one of history’s and literature’s greatest criminals against a character that was created for Dynamite just over a year ago.  While the pedigree of the characters is far off, the powers are not and so this series might have seemed like a solid idea heading in.  Immediately though there was a huge discrepancy in the portrayal of the characters, as Dracula essentially did as he wished and as Elizabeth, the blood queen, struggled to compete with him at her every deceptive turn.  Her previous ploys were met with easily by the dark lord and this entire series might have seemed almost pointless at some points, using a high profile character to raise the awareness of another lesser known one.

Throughout the series the focus has been mostly on Elizabeth.  As a player trying to establish herself in mid-Medieval times in Eastern Europe, she planned to remove Dracula from those that she had to deal with, as an early alliance turned into betrayal.  Although this could be a fairly generic fantasy setting it was given a bit of extra grounding in reality with the incorporation of the marching Ottoman army, eager to make up ground lost to the prince of darkness.  The three destined to a final battle and this final issue has it.

This series being from an independent publisher, it doesn’t really have the chance to catch up in later issues as if it didn’t catch readers in the first issue then it was likely going to be ignored.  In this case it is too bad as this final issue represents the best of the series.  Dracula and the Blood Queen finally square off against each other, and while she proved unable to deal with him on a tactical level through subterfuge, the two are at least relatively well matched in personal battle.  So too does the dialogue finally meet somewhat what is expected from this series, as the two strong characters finally converse on equal terms.  As the Ottomans finally arrive the ending to the series might seem a bit too obvious, which is a minor letdown, but overall this was the best issue of the series.

Story: Troy Brownfield  Art: Kewber Baal  
Story: 7.9 Art: 7.9 Overall: 7.9 Recommendation: Read

Dynamite Provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.   

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