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IDW Launches All-New Comic Apps

IDW AppsIDW Publishing launched its next-generation of comic apps for Apple iOS today, June 4th. These new apps were produced in partnership with Madefire. The new apps feature the entire IDW line of over 3,500 comics and graphic novels with a bold new storefront that makes it easier to find your favorite comics, in-app purchases so you never have to leave the app to get your books, and stunning motion books featuring Transformers, My Little Pony, and Star Trek.

The complete line of IDW apps includes the premier IDW Comics app, which features the full IDW digital library, as well as the individual apps for some of IDW’s premier brands – Transformers Comics, Star Trek Comics, and TMNT Comics.

To celebrate this launch, IDW is offering users that create a NEW app account 15 FREE premium collected editions, which totals over 80 issues, plus dozens of motion books. But hurry, this offer is good through July 12th!

The launch is initially for iOS, but Android and Windows 8 apps will be follow soon. There are also plans to bring their comics to television screens and game consoles.

Existing users will get the new apps as automatic updates. IDW has taken care to make sure customers keep control of their comic libraries. Users that have purchased comics in any of the previous IDW apps, as well as Madefire and comiXology, can sync their comic collections in the NEW apps with just a few quick steps. For more information on how to sync your previous purchases, you can find it in a FAQ.

idw_comixologyOf particular interest is that ability to port over comics purchased from other apps. It works by making sure you use the same email address in previous IDW apps as well as comiXology at which point previous purchases will sink.

I believe this is the first time comic purchasing history has been synced between different platforms, beyond the ability to export a pdf or cbz file and uploading it in different apps. In December 2011 the IDW Comics app was switched over and powered by comiXology with the last update occurring in October 2014. Previous to comiXology’s involvement, IDW was creating a new “app” for each comic issue or specific apps for brands like 30 Days of Night. That behavior dates back to 2009. This update changes development of the app to Madefire, and adds the possibility for comics featuring motion and sound. which is what Madefire is known for.

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