Review: Wonder Woman Annual #1

wwa001The run of the Finches on this title has been contentious from the start.  After taking over from Azzarello the two had a difficult task in front of them.  Although the beginning of their run looked to be heading in the right direction, it slowly descended into being somewhat confusing as to their approach to the character.  Diana had to be reintegrated into the mainstream of the DC Universe, and the problem was what to do with what had come before in the previous thirty plus issue in the series.  What first seemed to be this very story ended up being a bit too convoluted in its approach to the character, as the duo didn’t seem as though they could focus on Diana as a superhero, queen or goddess, and instead chose all three.

While the approach was always a bit confusing, it did accomplish a few things.  Chief among them was to reintroduce Donna Troy to the mainstream DC universe, though it was not the Donna Troy that most fans probably wanted.  This annual serves as the final installment in the first story arc for the new team, and it wraps up the few questions that remain.  The first is the problem with the aliens that have been causing environmental problems after being awoken from their sleep.  The second is how to deal with the murderous Donna that has killed the male Amazons that were given refuge on the island.

The solution to all the problems of the first story is a bit too easy here.  The aliens are bargained with and dealt with, and the battle between Diana and Donna ends as one might expect, save for a mild surprise or two.  It did not help the title that it was given a two month break from its mediocrity before being launched into this finale, as there was not as much for the fans to come back for.  In truth it still feels as though the creative team is getting its bearing on this title.  The backup story to the main features the back story to Donna’s actions which would have been better placed earlier in the story arc to give a bit more understanding of what was going on.  In the end the first story arc wraps up in a satisfactory way, and even fun at times with the battle between the two Amazons, but it still leaves the reader wanting a lot more.

Story: Meredith Finch Art: David Finch and Goran Sudzuka
Story: 7.2 Art: 7.2 Overall: 7.2 Recommendation: Pass