Review: Suicide Risk #25

sr25Suicide Risk is most likely the best superhero saga that most mainstream comic readers would never have heard of.  Part of the problem with that is that it comes from an independent, but likely also that the name of the series is a bit misleading.  Regardless much has been done over the past 24 issues of this series that has captured what makes the superhero genre so much fun, while also helping to deconstruct some of the commonly used plots and situations.  The series has taken the concept of the company wide crossover, applied it to a single series while maintaining the same kind of tension that Crisis on Infinite Earths managed while also focusing on a decent amount of character development.

For those that have been following and come into the final issue looking for some more great fireworks will probably be a little disappointed.  While there are some action based sequences here the action focuses a lot more on the role of Leo/Requiem with his two wives, two daughter and one son.  Those looking for a climactic battle involving the holdovers from the other Earth will have to settle with the previous issue as well as some allusions here.  Instead this issue focuses on what made the series so good to start with, the rich characters.  This issue even feels almost completely out of context, and even after the first read through felt a little bit lacking, but it should be remembered that this is not the purpose of what this issue is attempting to accomplish.  With the conflict on the other Earth already resolved, there is still one conflict left to resolve and that happens here.

While this issue might not fit the form of what readers of comics expect from superheroes, it absolutely fits in terms of what this series has always managed to accomplish.  The story as always is engaging, and the characters are approachable.  At the same time though the series has never attempted to simply copy other superhero comics but has always tried something a little bit different and generally has more than succeeded.  In this case the final issue encapsulates what has worked so well about this series, and stands with the other other standout issues that have come before to wrap up this massive plot line as well as any has ever done at the big two.

Story: Mike Carey  Art: Elena Casagrande
Story: 9.3  Art: 9.3 Overall: 9.3 Recommendation: Buy

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