Review: Morning Glories #46

mg046One can never really know what to expect from this series, and this issue is evident of that.  Thus far the series although full of the unexplained has generally followed a fairly basic pattern, that of a few issues of surprises and mysteries followed by an issue which jumps the plot forward with a new major revelation.  In terms of this formula though, the series has been a little off in the past few issue, with no major jumping forward point, and those heading into this issue looking for such a moment will be disappointed, even if there is nothing to be disappointed with for the series as a whole.

While previous issue have focused more or less individually on Casey, Jade and Ike, this one focuses on who has mostly been a secondary character, Irina.  The usual out of sequence story telling occurs here with older Casey as Irina’s escort to the training compound, even when this occurred in the past of the present narrative (a previous issue focused on Casey’s transformation into her future/past self).  Irina is shown as ruthless but also no-nonsense as she is shown to be more pragmatic when dealing with this scenario than most others.  It is through this pragmatism that a few revelations are made on the fly, though there is not much to hold them together at the moment as to their overall meaning.

Once again this series manages to warp the minds of the readers by giving them more to think about and to ponder while also trying to keep the intricate story straight.  There is always something more going on with the stories dealing the academy, and while the focus here is mainly away from the academy, it is likely to have a direct effect on it in the immediate future.  The most obvious plot point which everyone want to see resolved is the one with Casey running for class president so that she can save Jade, but the creative team seems happy to get to that when they feel they are ready.  Until then the series continues to both astound and confuse, and maintains the interest that many have in the series.

Story: Nick Spencer Art: Joe Eisma
Story: 8.7 Art: 8.7 Overall: 8.7 Recommendation: Buy

Image provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review

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