Ted 2 Pop! and Wacky Wobblers in June and July

Everyone’s favorite cheeky childhood toy is coming to Pop! just in-time for Ted 2! Ted comes wielding two of his favorite things: a television remote and a cold brew! They’re perfect lounging buddies!

Pop! Movies: Ted 2 comes out in June from Funko.

Pop! Movies Ted 2 Figure 1 Pop! Movies Ted 2 Figure 2Fittingly, Funko’s Ted 2 Wacky Wobbler is a TALKING bobble-head! While Ted is charmingly foul-mouthed, Ted Wacky Wobbler is clean enough for your desk at the office!

“Hashtag grrr Mondays.”

Safe for the workplace phrases below!

“Well yeah, but that was back when she was rowwr, and before she was who-hoa!”

“I’m gonna get a huge migraine in the parking lot in about twenty minutes.”

“But we don’t know any lawyers, all our friends make sandwiches.”

“We could totally be lawyers.”

The Ted 2 Talking Wacky Wobbler is out in July.

Ted 2 Talking Wacky Wobbler

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