Tomorrowland Wins the Blah Weekend Box-Office

Tomorrowland_posterTomorrowland was at top of the domestic box-office this past weekend, earning $32.97 million. The weekend was rather drowsy as a whole with two major new movies opening. The film earned an additional $26.7 million internationally.

In second place was last weekend’s box-office champ, Pitch Perfect 2 which earned $30.8 million, and following that in third was Mad Max: Fury Road which earned $24.8 million. Pitch Perfect 2 has earned $179 million worldwide but Mad Max: Fury Road has earned $219.84 million so far.

The other major film to open, Poltergeist earned $22.6 million in its first weekend, about what was expected.

Avengers: Age of Ultron continued to earn and do well, adding $21.7 million domestically. The film has earned $1.18 billion worldwide so far, but Furious 7 continues to be the global leader as far as earnings so far in 2015.