Review: Max Hunter Snowfall: Part 1

max_hunter_#1Max Hunter is a bad-ass bounty hunter with a past. Snowfall packs a lot into the first issue, possibly too much, but it does raise a lot of questions that’ll pull you back in for more.

In Max Hunter: Snowfall Part 1 we join Max as he’s busting up some low-level thug (who happens to have a bounty on his head) for information on his REAL target. Once that target is found, an even BIGGER baddy emerges creating layers of story out of fight scenes. Lots of action, and a gritty couple of flash backs give you an insight into the psyche of this dark hero. After being saved by a toy sheriff badge in a shootout that left his parents dead and his sister shot and missing, Max is on the hunt in Gate City, and no one is safe from his justice. Cowboy justice. His faithful assistant Keys is his rock, his tech support, and is not really involved in the first issue. I hope to learn more about her.

This series from Dark Side Global, a small indie comic book company based out of Miami Florida, is great for the more visual fans. The art is smooth and the action intense. Not much for dialogue, but the story tells itself.

Story: Alex Lobato Art: P.R. Dedelis
Story: 7 Art: 8 Overall: 7.7 Recommendation: Read

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review

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