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Review: Thor #8

thor008The big reveal is finally here and fans from far and wide are likely to be picking up this issue, even when they likely haven’t read another issue of this series other than the first.  Ever since the initial announcement of the gender swap for the titular character, this series has been controversial.  Some have not accepted the drastic change for a well established character while others have focused on the quality of writing and the deep characterization.  Regardless this is the big issue which focuses on the unanswered question, with both the character and the company, since the end of Original Sin.

With the high quality of writing, there would be likely to be some curveballs thrown to the readers, and this is definitely the case here.  All sings have pointed towards Roz as the new holder of the hammer, from her disappearance for a short time, as well as to her suspiciously being in the right place at the right time nearly every time that Thor has shown up.  This has kept the readers guessing, but the creative team is also adept enough to figure out how to play with the readers a bit through the use of a bit of misdirection (and those that are suspicious and prone to over-examination likely figured out the identity of the character already.)  The one misfire in this issue is the inclusion of all the major female heroes.  While it is kind of akin to a welcoming party, it also comes off a bit as them showing up to give the new Thor support, which the character really doesn’t need.

The overall effect of this issue is a bit dulled by the ongoing question, that is until the last few panels when the questions are finally answered.  The revelation gives fans a lot to ponder, while also providing what is perhaps one of the last unexplored plot lines in comics.  Equally the setup will allow others to fill in the characters for this new series, and perhaps even give some unheralded characters a chance to shine.  Heading into Secret Wars there is perhaps no better sendoff than this one.  The fans that have been picking this up for the quality of the story will have their curiosity piqued by this story.  This is just the end of the beginning, but there are still other great stories to be told.

Story:  Jason Aaron Art:  Russell Dauterman  
Story: 8.8 Art:  8.8 Overall: 8.8  Recommendation:  Buy

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