Review: Convergence Catwoman #2

concatThe unlikely battle between Catwoman and the Kingdom Come version of Batman continues in this second of two Convergence related titles.  Generally speaking Convergence has been a bit of a misfire on all counts, not really drawing in the interest that it could have with a slightly more tied-together concept.  As it stands though, this combination of characters is one of the best in comics (maybe even the best?), even if it is pre-new 52 Catwoman with an elseworlds version of Batman.  What is interesting about this entry is the relationship between the two.  In alternate reality scenarios, writers often answer the “will they or won’t they?” question that has been played at since her first appearance in Batman #1 in 1940, and it usually ends with a “they will.”

Alternately here and as seen in the previous issue, the Kingdom Come Batman thinks of Catwoman as nothing more than a thief and a criminal, and aims to treat her accordingly, especially that the fate of his city is on the line as well as hers.  As this is the two iconic Gothamites this doesn’t play out exactly as a battle between them, or at least not for long, and while this turn of events is expected, the eventual direction taken with this issue is a little bit surprising for other reasons.

Convergence has on the whole mostly been a disappointment, and unfortunately the same mostly carries over here.  The pairing of these two characters together usually results in some electricity, but here in the rushed and convoluted setup from Convergence, it is more about the crossover and less about the characters.  At the same time, the fundamental attraction of the two characters to each other almost keeps this moving, but it ends up being a a bit too flawed overall.  The story doesn’t finish here, but rather will continue in the pages of the main Convergence title, but for the time being this two part tie-in doesn’t merit the attention.

Story: Justin Gray Art: Ron Randall
Story: 6.8 Art: 6.8 Overall: 6.8 Recommendation: Pass

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  • “…here in the rushed and convoluted setup from Convergence, it is more about the crossover and less about the characters.”

    Nailed it!