Review: Convergence Action Comics #1

convergence-action001By this point it would seem that Convergence is a bit of a misfire.  Though it is still only setting up the battles between the various saved universes/cities in their own continuities, there has been very little to grab the attention of the readers save for a somewhat flawed trip down memory lane.  As Convergence looks to grab the best of the past and put it into DC’s future, it is not entirely clear if this is even a good idea, as so far the crossover is convoluted and mostly pretty boring.

Although the Action Comics version of the crossover is maybe not much different, it is still indicative of bigger problems which the crossover faces.  The first of these problems can be generally classified as a lack of interest in the characters.  Though they are mostly DC characters, they are also ones who are from a time and place which is already lost thanks to the continued evolution of the characters in their own mainstream titles.  While we might get a chance to see other heroes here such as Power Girl in a presumably pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths setting, it is arguable that her best moments even came before the original crossover.  The other problem is the selection of the cities which are being used to compete against the highlighted cities.  In other cases the other cities have been boring or non-engaging, but in this case the city actually works to debase a great Elseworld tale, Red Son.  This works against the Convergence - Action Comics001series as well because it takes what was an allegory of the hero genre, especially as it relates to the American identity, and turns it into any other superhero story.  The lone spot of interest in this issue was with Power Girl, as she has to learn to deal with a non-Kryptonian physiology in the depowered Metropolis.

The entirety of Convergence to this point seems like it has missed the mark, and it is no different in the Action Comics version of the crossover.  Although fans often clamour for the return of beloved characters that have gone away over controversial creative or editorial choices, if DC promises to do something like Convergence to bring back these characters, then the fans might just prefer that they stay gone.  The Action Comics is not either really good nor bad compared to the other titles thus far, but that most of the others have been misfires is not good for this particular issue to be considered average among them.  A lot more could have been done here, both with this individual series and with the crossover as a whole, but it is mostly forgettable, somewhat as most of the characters involved should have been.

Story: Justin Gray Art: Claude St. Aubin
Story: 6.0 Art: 6.0 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Pass