Review: Deep State #5

deepstate005For those that thought that the first story arc was a one hit wonder, they might find some satisfaction in that critique throughout much of this issue.  The series is after all stuck with the association to the X-Files ven if it likes it or not, and the first story arc could be said to be simply a minor change of the format which made the television series so successful.  Those that choose to write off this series do so at the risk of missing something pretty spectacular though, and that is as much the case here with the beginning of the second story arc as it was during the first four issue.

The plot follows a basic enough story, that of a gun that can shoot but the bullets also travel through time.  Thus an assassin can pull the trigger and walk away without ever having to worry about being discovered.  Much of this issue follows the action of this assassin and the duo of investigators as they try to get tto the bottom of what seems like a fairly routine case.  In fact as it is presented here the story at times almost feels like a one shot of a semi-paranormal concept which seems like it will be wrapped up quickly.  It is actually that feeling that there is only the surface story that makes this story all the more compelling with the plot twist at the end.  It is like Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald in a sense, but with a twist that would make conspiracy theorists drool.

Once again the creative team proves that they have what it takes to use what seems like an exhausted concept, excpet that they manage to breathe new life into it.  There are a few shortcuts taken here for the movement of the plot, and the discovery of the powers of the gun is one which could have been expanded on, but in the end the story doesn’t need it.  Instead it relies on some complacency before the shock value of the ending.  It reminds the reader once again not to underestimate the twists and turns of this series and that each issue is carefully plotted for what is to come next.

Story: Justin Jordan  Art: Ariela Kristantina
Story: 8.8  Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

Boom Studios provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.