Review: Secret Identities #1

SecretIdentities_01Secret Identities tells the story of a team of superheroes that after some deliberation decides to accept a new member called Crosswind.  Unknown to most of them the team has a lot of secrets, more so than the average group of heroes, which range from infidelity to presumably a lot worse.  Not only are these secrets potentially damaging to the heroes, but the reason for Crosswind to join the team was those specific secrets, and he hopes to tear the team apart from the inside by using them.

What is noteworthy about this series is its setting, as it is based in Toronto.  While the setting is interesting in one sense (it is where I live presently) it does show a little bit about the inexperience of the writers.  While I am eager to support those from my own city and country as they venture into the comic medium, it acts as a bit of a limitation that so much of the story line takes place in the city, whether it be the home of most of the heroes or just by acting as their base.  Writers generally have to expand a bit beyond what they know and do a bit of research about their stories, and this seems to be lacking here, as the only locations outside of Toronto are either fairly generic or well known.

While there are some limitations and inexperience evident in the writing, this is still a well conceived story.  It is maybe not as impressive as some of the other attempts to establish a universe of heroes (Armour Hunters, Project Black Sky, Suicide Risk) but it does touch on a lot of the cliches of the genres, and in a parody style examination of them gives them a bit of a new spin.  This series is not of the highest caliber, but its shows some potential, both in itself and for the creative team, but also showing that both still have some distance to grow.

Story: Jay Faerber and Brian Jones  Art: Ilyas Kyriasis
Story: 7.7  Art: 7.7 Overall: 7.7 Recommendation: Read

Image provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.