Review: Ant-Man #2

ant-man2The first issue of this series unexpectedly took the comic readers by surprise.  After a bit of a push from Marvel, it seemed likely that Ant-Man was going to be their new focus, with the upcoming success of the Avengers all but assured.  Far from being just a comic book leading into the movie, it seemed as though the series was interested first in making readers like the comic version before they got a chance to see the movie version.  The story followed Scott as he tried to get his life together, only to find that his family was moving to Miami, leaving him with the choice of either a nice job with Stark or following his heart.

Now in Miami, Scott is left to deal with a different set of challenges.  He is still living in a toy set on top of someone’s roof, but the problems are a bit bigger, as he is forced to deal with Grizzly, a foe of a former Ant-Man.  Although this is up-front in the issue, it actually doesn’t really provide as much to the story as might first seem.  Instead Scott is forced to ask for a bank loan and to deal with the unforeseen consequences of doing so (which are really unforeseen) and then forced once again to improvise again when his business plan becomes a reality.

While still a decent read, the second issue feels a bit too much like the person that tells a funny joke out of nowhere and then won’t let the joke go.  It makes sense that Scott is down on his luck, but the inane way in which he secures his future in this issue is not deserving of the same praise that made the first issue such a spectacular read.  There are still some high points, such as the one panel cameo by Tony Stark, but on the whole this issue leaves the reader wanting a bit more, specifically the humorous first entry in this series.  After the standout first issue, it is too early to write off this series after a relative flop with the second entry.  The creative team seems to have the overall story together, and good things are likely still in store for this series.

Story: Nick Spencer Art: Ramon Rosanas
Story: 7.8 Art: 7.8 Overall: 7.8 Recommendation: Read

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