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Doctor Who coming to LEGO

doctor_who_lego_better_photoLEGO has announced the results of their Second 2014 LEGO Review and their next LEGO Ideas sets. The next LEGO idea sets are a Wall-E set as well as an official Doctor Who set.

The Doctor Who set will likely include a a TARDIS, the Doctor, a companion, and possibly some villains.

Both sets are in the process of becoming official LEGO products.

Numerous sets reached the 10,000 vote including Wayne Manor, Professor X’s Mansion, a AT-AT and a light saber, but the team determined the two sets above are viable products.

The next round of products that have reached 10,000 votes that are being considered are an Avengers Helicarrier (though one is already coming out), F-17 Hornet, a Goonies set, a marble maze, a Natural History Museum, a set for Jurassic Park, a Lord of the Rings set, the Flying Dutchman, and a piano. Those results will be announced in late May 2015.

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