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Review: Zombie Tramp #7

zt07I remember reading a review about David Cronenburg’s movie Crash that it was either a piece of art or a piece of garbage.  Month after month Zombie Tramp forces me to remember this old review and apply it here and to consider which one it is for this series, even when I am pretty sure.  The story here as ever follows zombie Janey, still ostensibly trying to get to Miami, though seemingly stuck in the leftovers from plots of C-list movies from the 1970s as she is stuck in middle America (though more like the Southwest) and ends up constantly battling supernatural terrors, of which she is the supposedly most heroic.

To be fair this series does seem to have some moments when it is trying to say something more than just its excessive violence.  Janey at one point while living was subject to sexual violence, and she seeks to pay back those that inflict that on others, often in a very graphic way.  At times in the past this series and its main character have tried to show there are consequences for actions, and that there are some things that are universally bad, but at the same time it is equally sometimes offensive and so far over the top that it loses itself.  What passes for a plot in this particular issue is doomed by this excessive gratuity (those two words would normally be somewhat redundant), as one wonders if it is really a moral choice by Janey to leave two children orphaned even if their parents were abusive.

That is the inherent problem of this series, is that its message is the violence and whatever else the writers have imagined for the character are thrown in as a sort of “take what you can get” approach to story telling.  That is to say that sometimes there is a better story here, and even a moral, but it will never get in the way of the violence.  That as always is the problem here, and that Janey is acting less of the hero in this case makes it all the more evident where the failings of this series are.  It could have potential, but it is ultimately devoured by itself.

Story: Jason Martin and Dan Mendoza  Art: Winston Young
Story: 3.5 Art: 5.5 Overall: 5.5 Recommendation: Pass

Action Lab: Danger Zone provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.

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