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Review: Ghost #12

ghost12-covThis series has been an unheralded standout in terms of its quality and storytelling, but unfortunately it is so unheralded that this is the final issue of the series.  The story continues Elisa’s campaign of justice against the forces in the city that are working against a calm and peaceful order.  She has already paid a heavy price for her actions through the death of her friend Tommy, and now instead of justice, she is after revenge.  Once again her campaign finds her in the mayor’s office, though as this is the second mayor that she has had to deal with, she understands better why the mayor’s of the city keep aligning against her.

The stories here have been a bit beyond what one gets in most superhero series, mixing the usual amazing powers and heroics with some deeper messages.  Some of this has to deal with the responsibility of power and the choice of ethical actions, while others have shown the destructive nature of revenge, in this case showing that when someone chooses a course of actions which have repercussions, that it is important to remember the motivation for those actions or else they become as bad as their targets.  It is also interesting here that a concept is put forward which unfortunately won’t be expanded on, that there will always be the same amount of evil no matter the actions of any individual, sort of like a philosophical version of Newton’s third law.

As a final issue there is not much more which can be asked of this than what it accomplishes.  It never feels rushed as though it is trying to squeeze in one last large story arc in to a single issue.  Instead it finishes organically, giving the main character an appropriate sendoff, while wrapping up loose ends.   There are even some engaging action sequences in this story, adding some fun to the deeper messages.  It is unfortunate that this series never gained better traction, but at the very least one can hope that its connection to the Project Black Sky imprint means that the hero will not be out of print for long.

Story: Chris Sebela Art: Harvey Tolibao
Story: 8.8 Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

Dark Horse provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.

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