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Review: Vampirella #9

VampiVol2-09-Cov-A-MayhewSince its relaunch by Dynamite last year this series has been inconsistent in its overall quality, and this issue combined with the last issue are evident of this trend.  While the last issue was a lot shakier in its overall flow and pacing, this story is a lot more coherent and self-contained, and adds to the larger story arc in a more profound way.  As the heroes are on the trail of those responsible for the virus/plague they discover some more connections to other ancient mysteries which had stayed hidden from the overall conspiracy as the heroes come face to face with none other than the ancient Greek magician Medea.

The previous story had the problem of introducing a backstory for its villain which felt somewhat forced and out of context from the overall story, but although there is an origin story here as well, it feels much more organic to the overall story.  It is based on a blood feud which originated in ancient Greece but one which is feeling the repercussions in the modern day.  The back story is a bit repetitive as the inspiration for the villain’s violence is very similar to that in the previous issue, but it nonetheless ends up being more relevant overall.

In the end it is not even possible to say that this series is already heading in the right direction, as any time that this happens the series has taken a nose dive in terms of its quality, but at the very least, the creative team managed to put together a fairly entertaining issue this time.  It is still an issue built around some fun action scenes based on supernatural violence as opposed to a strong overall story, but if the creative team is able to maintain this level at least the series will be interesting and exciting, if not very deep.

Story: Nancy A. Collins Art: Patrick Berkenkotter
Story: 7.7 Art: 7.7 Overall: 7.7 Recommendation: Read

Dynamite provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.

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