Review: Thor #4

thor04covThere are still assuredly holdouts among readers of the medium who refuse to accept this new Thor, but after the events of the previous four issues, it is hard to understand why.  The relaunch of Thor into this new character is one which came with much fanfare and controversy, over who is the new Thor, and how a woman can be Thor.  When stripped down of all the questions and the controversy, this story has been engaging and is approachable by old and new fans alike (provided that the old fans allow themselves to have a little fun.)  This new series thus far works as a standalone series, one that would be interesting in any format.  That Thor has decades of precedent in the storytelling to make this all the more relevant only adds to the recipe.

As promised in the last issue and from the cover, this story deals with a battle unlike what fans could have thought of a year ago, that of Thor versus Thor.  Before diving straight into the battle there are a few pages of back story explaining how the original Thor got to be where he is, so soon after being disarmed (literally) by the Frost Giants.  This gives the necessary explanation for how he can be back into fighting form so soon, but so too does it add fuel to the fire that is the mystery identity of this new Thor.  The battle proceeds almost as one might expect, but it does end in an outcome which is at least a logical way to explain the new Thor.  As the character says herself, she is Thor but she is a goddess, just as the writer has been explaining all along.  Those fans hoping for some kind of divine intervention from Thor to take back his name will find mostly the opposite.  With the character introduced and accepted, she heads off for further adventures, her identity still a secret, but one which leaves only a few options left for the character.

The first four issues of this series have done everything that could be expected of it and more.  The story has been engaging, the action intense, and the new direction has breathed new life into characters that sometimes had grown stagnant from their long publication histories.  The writer has even been smart enough in this endeavor to keep old Thor and new Thor together in the same universe, and old Thor is still around ready to spring into action wherever may be needed.  Clearly this is no mere stunt, as the series is already among the best that Marvel has to offer.

Story: Jason Aaron  Art: Russell Dauterman
Story:  8.5 Art: 8.5  Overall: 8.5  Recommendation: Buy

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