Review: Brainstorm #6

brainstorm6-covThis sixth issue of this intriguing series marks the end of the short and quick run which it had, though leaving open the door for perhaps something else.  Thus far in the series, the story has focused around Dr. Cale Isaacs and the manifestation of his inner torment, the superstorm Hurricane Brandon.  It has been an equal part of social commentary and playing with the theme of mankind interfering with nature, and in this issue it finally comes to a conclusion, one which is maybe expected in some sense, but still has enough edge to keep the reader guessing.

Some may not recognize it immediately but this series is indeed science fiction, only that the science in question is one not often used in this genre, meteorology.  The lack of a connection disappears completely halfway through this issue as Cale dons a sci-fi inspired helmet to finally confront the storm.  There are some parts of this story which feel rushed, but then again this story could have been expanded easily into a couple of extra issues without losing the overall tone of the series.  That being said, it is an interesting confrontation between Cale and his storm, even if it is resolved in an expeditious manner.  What is more interesting than the actual climax in this series is the denouement, one which is a bit longer than what people might be expected to in comics, where the hero usually wins and the denouement is forgotten.  Instead here the writers throw in a bit more social commentary about the ease by which politicians spin tragedy to their own interests and even tie in some current geopolitics in another way.

It is a shame that this series was unseen by so many, because it combined a mature approach in its storytelling, while also aiming high for something new in a genre overpopulated with spaceships and green skinned aliens.  The writers managed to tie together everything that they were after, and left nothing hanging while telling their story but also meeting all of the underlying themes that were developed throughout.  This series covered all of its goals, and in so doing, ended up as more than the sum of its parts.

Story: Jeffrey Morris and Ira Livingston IV Art: Dennis Calero 
Story:  8.5  Art: 8.5 Overall:  8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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