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Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, to the Rescue on San Francisco Buses

For those not in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, or Washington, DC, the hate group, American Freedom Defense Initiative run by anti-Islam blogger Pamela Geller, has been running ads on buses telling the “truth” about Islam. Really, it’s a lot of bigotry and hate. A federal court ruled that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority had to run the ads, and its not the first time that the MTA has had controversial ads run.

Graphic Policy Radio co-host Elana pointed out this awesome photo posted by the Muslim Community Network where we see Marvel‘s hit new hero Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, covering up the ads that are running in San Francisco and preaching to “stop the hate.”

Kamala stars in her own series Ms. Marvel published by Marvel comics, and is a teenage Muslim girl from Jersey. A brand new character, she’s broken out and one of the stand-out comic debuts of 2014. The comic is written by G. Willow Wilson, a Muslim herself, and is a prime example of the new diversity in comics. It helps that the comic is a fantastic read no matter you’re background.

This is an awesome example of culture jamming, using pop-culture to fight hate speech! Whomever is doing this, awesome job.

10417648_904498016268354_7196046278961532024_nUpdate: We had indicated these buses were in NYC, but in fact this is San Francisco.

Update 2: It looks like its street artists combating various injustices through art are behind it. We’ve reached out to the San Francisco transportation authority for further details.

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