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TV Review: King of the Nerds S3E1 Judgement Day

king of the nerdsTwo nerds enter and one nerd leaves as the third season of King of the Nerds kicks off plunging the new contestants into the world of steampunk, and then the losers into the world of anime.

The choices this year are interesting, with some variation and some nerdoms that have been underrepresented in the past or not appeared before making a more high-profile appearance.

What strikes me in this season are two things. Folks seem to be “nerdier’ this year, than in years past. The other thing is that folks are coming into it right away understanding that it’s a competition and some forgoing friendships, instead focusing on winning. This creates an emotional disconnect between the viewer and the contestant, something that I haven’t experienced in years past. And that disconnect creates a bit of a negative opinion, though their viewpoint is solid.

The other thing that sticks out is a “men vs women” underlying theme in the episode, whether this was true, or fancy editing, there’s a hint of the women teaming up to fight the male nerds to prove something. Nevermind women have won the first two seasons.

There’s usually one person I cheer for each season, or at least a few I like, this year I haven’t found that person yet, but it’s early in what looks like an interesting season.

Overall rating: 7