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Review: Wonder Woman #38

ww38covThe newest run on Wonder Woman has been a fairly divisive one only three issues in.  Not even considering the comments made about the character by the creative tea, the direction which they have taken the character has either been applauded or criticized.  There are those that are comparing it to Azzarello’s run, perhaps unfairly, and other that are trying to enjoy it for the return of the Amazon heroine to the mainstream of the DC Universe.  After the most recent issue it would seem as though there are more chinks in the armor for the creative team than first seemed, and that some of the criticism against them could be justified.

Too much of the problem here seems to be that the creative team is not ready to venture out on their own and to embrace a story that is theirs, or in the case that they do embrace their own story, it is one of the less interesting facets of the character, namely that she has responsibilities also as a queen of the Amazons in addition to that of goddess and superheroine.    In the history of the character there has likely never been a really engaging story about Diana being the queen that has struck a chord with readers.  There is some sloppy storytelling here as well, in the form of a dream sequence which is a bit misleading  to the readers and some dialogue which is both expositional and dismissive at the same time.  Additional while David Finch has his own style of art, it is a bit out of proportion at times in this issue.

There is a maxim in sports that rookies should not be judged before the end of their third season to see their true potential, but if this were to hold true for the Finches after three issues, it might appear that they are on shaky ground already.  As it stands there is still some potential here, and this issue is likely to be popular enough for the surprise arrival at the end, but the overall effect was lost with too much dialogue where it didn’t belong and too little action where it did belong.  The Finches still deserve chance to see where it is that they can take this series, but on its present heading, it would seem as though it is going in the wrong direction.

Story: Meredith Finch Art: David Finch
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Pass

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