Review: Brainstorm #5

brainstorm cov 005Brainstorm continues with its fifth and penultimate issue and doesn’t look like it will be stopping with its interesting take on the disaster genre.  As the storm advances across the country, people start to realize the threat which it poses, and while there are those that are ready to run, there are also other that are ready to stand and make a final attempt at controlling the disaster.  Thus far the series has focused mostly on Cale, either in his subconscious in the storm or in his own problems, but this issue focuses more so on the ‘Nado Ninjas, the group of reality television filmmakers focused on storms.

What is notable about this particular issue is its approach to science fiction.  Though already firmly rooted in a hard science approach to storytelling, it is not what makes this particular issue more interesting.  Instead the best science fiction, whether hard or soft has the same quality, in that it looks at more than just the science, and instead focuses on either philosophical or moral issues.  That same aspect comes here, as Cale is forced to focus on himself as both the cause and solution to the super storm, and the only way that he will be successful is by taking an honest look at himself and to stop believing the lies which he has told himself.

One might read this series and not even really appreciate it as science fiction, but when that realization is made, it is also evident that the creative team is pulling out all of the best characteristics of the genre and putting them together in an unconventional but intriguing manner.  There is not only an original approach to this series but also more depth in the story telling of a science fiction story than is found in most other places.  It is a shame that the series is less known in the medium, as it is really one of the standouts of recent months, and any reader looking for a fresh take on science fiction stories should check this out.


Story: Jeffrey Morris and Ira Livingston IV Art: Dennis Calero 
Story:  8.5  Art: 8.5 Overall:  8.5 Recommendation: Buy

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