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Review: Purgatori #4

Purgatori04-Cov-A-RuffinoOne cannot read a single issue in this series so far and figure out in any way where it is heading or what the general level of quality will be.  So far the series has had issues that focus primarily on gore, others that focus on a change to an Indiana Jones type of template, and now only on the fourth issue and out of this confusion might finally come some real direction in this series.  This issue is broken almost in two with two separate but related settings.  In the first Jade and Purgatori must deal with the magical threats of the temple as they attempt to secure the cup of Lucifer.  In the second Purgatori is sent to Hell to battle the dark lord, only to find him already under attack.

One of the best developments so far in this series was the reintroduction of the the background of the character to that of the Egyptian slave Sakkara.  As opposed to most of the resurgence in the demonic bad girls of the 1990s, this puts a bit of a twist on the regular character.  Instead of just being some female bloodsucker, she has a story which helps to define her more than just by her revealing costume.  Equally though, this series has still not really found a place where it can absolutely define itself, and although this issue flows better than others, one still has to wonder just where it is going and how long it will last.

This is still likely the best single issue in the series so far, and if the series can continue with story lines similar to what is being shown here then at least this series could turn into something dependable.  At the moment though this is the only issue so far which has shown this potential, so maybe the series will get there and maybe it will not.  For the time being, the remainder of this first story arc is at least well set up for the character to explore her past and her future, but it also feels like this series is running out of time to establish itself.

Story: Aaron Gillespie Art: Javier Garcia-Miranda
Story: 6.8 Art: 6.8 Overall: 6.8 Recommendation: Pass

Dynamite provided Graphic Policy with a free copy for review.