Comicsfix releases beta for Animated Panel Editor

After this week’s announcement by iVerse for their newest update to their Comicsplus app, Comicsfix has made their own update announcement, introducing an Animated Panel Editor. It’s a set of tools which allows publishers and readers who want to participate to quickly and easily tap-and-drag to create animated panels for books on the Comicsfix iPad app.

Panel creation is as easy as tapping the screen and dragging your finger to create simple rectangles around the artwork. Each panel can then be enhanced by deciding on the timing and special effects. This allows for special effects such as sound to be added, and can be turned on or off.

This tool is available for both creaters and readers, as readers will be able to make their own panels and share it with friends and the Comicsfix community. Currently, the Animated Panel Editor is available in beta on iPad 2 or newer.

You can check out the video below to see more of the feature.

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