Review: Inhuman #9

inhumanThe latest issue of Inhuman has the unfortunate condition of tying into a company-wide crossover.  It seems as though every time recently that a crossover is forced on a series that the series ends up being muddled by the experience, and that is the case again here.  In this issue Medusa has returned from the events in Axis, and she is changed by the Axis influence of having more of an edge to her character.  While this is evident throughout, it equally doesn’t affect the issue as much, because the focus is elsewhere.  Instead it focuses on the Reader and his ward Xiaoyi who he is escorting to the Ennilux.  As he ventures across the wastelands of Asia with her, he finds that they are being pursued everywhere and does what he can to protect her.

In terms of a company-wide crossover, this is perhaps a better approach than what is usually done.  Instead of being thrown in neck deep into an out-of-place and unwanted story line,  the damage is minimized as much as possible here.  The two appearances of Axis Medusa before the end are more like interludes, and especially the first one is played for comedic value instead of focusing too much on the influence of this new Medusa.  This is to the benefit of the series and this issue, as so far the character has been a standout for this series in her present incarnation, and changing the formula unnecessarily could run the series somewhat off the tracks.

Unfortunately this is where this issue ends.  Instead of focusing on other stories, it focuses on a changed Medusa, or at least one somewhat different from previous issues, and if this carries on it might have a negative impact on coming issues.  At the same time though, the novel approach to the crossover here works and minimizes the damage, especially with the other story focusing on the other two characters on the run.  It is there where this issue finds its strength and it is well enough played, although this is the weakest issue in the series thus far.

Story: Charles Soule  Art: Ryan Stegman
Story:  7.9 Art: 7.9  Overall: 7.9  Recommendation: Read


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